Doctor offers recipes for Type 2 diabetics struggling during holidays

Graphic courtesy MGN Online.

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re one of the 14 percent of people in Bexar County living with diabetes, you know the holidays can be a struggle.

Peter Blancas, a Type 2 diabetic, is hitting the gym a few times a week to work off any holiday temptations.

"The tamales, rice, beans,” he says.

"It's hard to say no,” reporter Emily Baucum says.

"Right!" Blancas responds with a chuckle.

It’s all-too-familiar problem this time of year, according to doctors at the Texas Diabetes Institute.

"A lot of my patients ask me, ‘Well, is it okay to cheat?’” says endocrinologist Dr. Vidhya Illuri.

She can tell if your diet’s been naughty or nice.

"Come January, we tend to see weight get higher as well as blood sugars get higher because of all the holiday treats,” Dr. Illuri says.

For Type 2 diabetics, overindulging could lead to eye, kidney, heart or vascular disease.

That’s why the doctor started a food blog, Dr. Illuri’s Pantry, geared toward diabetics. Right now, she’s posting healthy recipes to get you through the holidays.

"For Thanksgiving, I just did a post on low-carb stuffing that actually has no bread in it. It uses cauliflower to replace the bread,” Dr. Illuri says. “I also have a lot of desserts coming up for those Christmas cookie swaps that everyone's going to."

At parties, she recommends eating from one small plate and drinking plenty of water.

And with his extra rounds of cardio, Blancas is taking the doctor’s advice to heart.

"Not eat so much,” he says. "Just have a fun, good year."


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