'Disturbing' flyers posted on San Antonio's North Side

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SAN ANTONIO - Some North Side viewers are concerned about signs going up in their neighborhood. Flyers showing a Communist symbol conceived during the Russian Revolution are being posted on San Antonio's North Side.

"I think somebody has too much time on their hands maybe," Brent Drake said.

A search of the group's website reveals the mission of activism and patriotism. Photographs on the website promote the group's goal to reclaim America, and to fight for rebirth. Another picture shows the message "Send them all back."

"I think this is representing a very small group of people who want to stop immigration and repatriate immigrants that we have here," Ben Shoenbaum said.

"This country was built on immigration. It was built on people coming here and prospering, building a new tomorrow, having hope, change, coming from something less and building more," said neighbor Brent Drake.

Ben Shoenbaum is president of the North Side neighborhood association where the flyers have been spotted. He tells me neighbors are concerned because they think the group is promoting racism.

"I think that their views are born out of a distrust for their government," Shoenbaum said. "I think that they're desperate and they don't know where else to turn, so they're putting flyers on telephone poles."

The website says, "America stands at a crossroads as all solutions provided by the establishment grow increasingly temporary and decreasingly effective. The time has come for America to revive the revolutionary spirit that made it a nation."

"We need a change. That's where the future is. If we can get all this propaganda and hate out of the way, we can build us something better," Drake said.

News 4 hasn't been able to track down anyone connected to the group for comment.

Monday afternoon it appeared most of the flyers had already been taken down.

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