District Attorney discusses deputy involved shooting investigation

District Attorney discusses deputy involved shooting

Four Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies remain under investigation.

“It's a hard balance,” said District Attorney Nico LaHood. “It's a balance that someone needs to objectively look at, and that's our job.”

Last week, a wanted felon was shot and killed outside of a home in a Schertz mobile home park. Six-year-old Kameron Prescott was inside the home, and hit by crossfire. He was also killed.

"Our job is to wear the blind fold that Lady Justice wears, and to not get involved with subjective feelings,” said LaHood. “Obviously, I am human and I have feelings, but we have to be objective when we're looking at this, or else we can get distracted."

District Attorney LaHood is now a part of the ongoing investigation involving the 4 deputies that fired at the felon. So far authorities have been unable to find a gun associated with the alleged felon that was targeted.

"I’m not going to analyze this case, or investigate this case, try this case, or any case in the court of public opinion,” said LaHood. “You can't do that."

In an interview on Wednesday the killed first grader’s aunt, Debra Jimenez, discussed the deadly shooting that killed her nephew.

"If that's the training that the police officers are getting, then it needs to change because this has happened in other states,” said Jimenez.

In our meeting on Thursday with the District Attorney, LaHood responded to those concerns.

“I’m not at liberty to talk about that,” said LaHood. “Obviously I’ll have an opinion about that at the right time. We're formulating that opinion, as the evidence comes in. We have to look at the totality of the circumstances, we have to look at everything."

An exact timeline for how long this investigation could take, has not been given.

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