Disabled veteran's emotional support turtle missing

Disabled veteran's emotional support turtle missing

A local veteran's service pet is on the loose and the getaway was caught on camera.

But this isn't your typical service animal.

For the past two days, Roger Wilson hasn't gotten a lot of rest.

“I've spent most of my time searching the fronts and backyards of about 10 houses down even on the other street," said Wilson.

He's searching for Alice, his emotional support animal. Alice is an African leopard tortoise. The turtle's slow speed getaway was captured by Wilson's front door camera. Around 7:30 Wednesday night, Wilson says his wife opened the front door.

"She opened the doors to let the cold wind blow through. and I don't think she realized the turtle was in the living room,” said Wilson. “And it just took the opportunity to go for a walk."

Wilson says he got Alice about 10 years ago.

"It was a gift,” said Wilson, who received the turtle from his sister.

He says the 10-pound reptile helps him deal with PTSD by keeping him calm after serving four years in the Navy.

“It wasn't as obvious as first but you can't hide it,” said Wilson. “After a while it becomes you."

Wilson says the turtle has a couple distinctive marks on its shell.

“I believe somebody picked up the turtle,” said Wilson. “But short of them returning the turtle to me I hope they would take care of her."

Wilson says he doesn’t like to keep animals caged up. That's why the tortoise was not in a habitat. And he knows it's not much, but he's offering a $50 reward for its return.

If you see the turtle, you can reach Roger Wilson at 210-914-5203.

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