DFPS: Bexar County placing foster children in more stable situations

    The Department of Family and Protective Services released new child welfare statistics on Wednesday for Bexar County and the surrounding region<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    New statistics released Wednesday give child advocates a clearer picture of how to help the children in our community who need it most.

    Jesse Munoz believes the most difficult thing to do as a foster parent, is to foster trust.

    “They're thinking that your home is just going to be a stop for them,” said Munoz.

    Munoz began working as a foster parent a little more than two decades ago.

    He doesn't know the exact number of children he's helped, but a few years ago his biological kids started keeping track.

    "11 years ago they counted over 250 kids,” said Munoz. ”We have to have empathy. We have to put ourselves in their shoes to really know what their feelings are.”

    New data released Wednesday from the Department of Family and Protective Services shows Bexar County has made improvements in some areas of child welfare.

    Children in Bexar County are getting adopted more quickly this year compared to last.

    The data also shows Bexar County children in foster care are more stable in their placements.

    Child advocates are now focusing on making a child's first placement their last.

    “We don't want to have more than 3 moves for that child,” said Yvette Sanchez, the chief operating officer at The Children’s Shelter. “We know that as Bexar County we're averaging about 3.3 removals. The state is at three."

    While the new data is encouraging in some areas, Munoz knows there is more work to be done.

    “And at the end that's what you want,” said Munoz. “Is for the child to be happy to feel love and have his needs or their needs met."

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