Deputies were looking for cocaine at home where baby's body was found

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    SAN ANTONIO- We now have a copy of a search warrant that reveals new details in a drug raid where a baby's body was found beyond decomposed on the West side.

    “It's not about the neighbors, it's not about me, it's not about the neighbors, it's not about that house, it's about a child that died senselessly,” said Janet Geaslin, a neighbor.

    A search warrant states a man who lives inside the home was previously arrested in California for lewd crimes against children.

    It doesn't surprise people who live in the area.

    “He comes out with no shirt on, his pants unzipped. That night he exposed himself, that was in front of a camera crew,” Geaslin said.

    The warrant states an informant told deputies they saw a woman in possession of cocaine at the home on Bronco Lane.

    Deputies went inside the home looking for items related to the sale, packing, weighing or ingesting of narcotics.

    Heroin, sheet rock and cell phones were among the many items deputies found.

    “We are having trouble sleeping, we are having trouble eating and here they act like nothing has ever happened,” Geaslin said.

    She claims she had to create a memorial outside her home for the baby because the one outside the home where the baby was found was destroyed.

    “There were other stuffed animals left, there were other flowers left. We know that for a fact and he went in his back yard and burned them,” Geaslin said.

    The warrant doesn't state if cocaine was seized from the home.

    So far no arrests have been made in the case.

    The Sheriff’s Office is still waiting on the autopsy report to determine the baby's cause of death.

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