Daylight saving time could run out in Texas

The sun could be setting on Daylight saving time in Texas.

"I've always enjoyed having the more time in the evenings," said Dale Chilton, visiting San Antonio from North Carolina.

Some still see the positives of advancing the clocks for daylight saving.

"I think it's a good thing because it makes for longer days,” said Luis Perales, visiting from Anaheim, California

“It's nice to be able to get home in the summertime and there's things to do,” said Chilton. “Maybe mow the yard before dark."

Others believe it's high time for a change.

"I hate it," said Paige Welsh, from Wisconsin. “Yeah it's for the farmers but it screws up everyone else."

Daylight saving time was established back during World War I.

An online post for the Library of Congress says it was a way to conserve fuel and extend the work day.

A lawmaker from San Antonio filed a bill that would mean closing time for daylight saving in Texas.

"I think it's an outdated system,” said state senator Jose Menendez. ‘Let's just pick one and stick with it."

The clock ran out for both the house and senate versions of the bill in committee last year.

States like Hawaii and most of Arizona don't observe the practice.

Other states like California, New Mexico and Wisconsin are also pushing to make springing forward a thing of the past.

The next legislative session begins on January 8. 2019.

No word for the state representatives if the plan on re-filing the legislation stop Daylight saving time.

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