DA LaHood speaks about controversial case listed in AG Paxton's lawsuit against city

    FILE - Bexar County, Texas District Attorney Nico LaHood. (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

    SAN ANTONIO - December 2017, District Attorney Nico LaHood was tasked to indict the county's first ever smuggling case at the state level.

    After Chief William McManus released 12 suspected undocumented immigrants to Catholic Charities and RAICES.

    "It wasn't a case that was discussed with me before it was sent to me at the state level," LaHood said. "The Chief did what he needed to do, we responded the best we could."

    Herbert Nichols, the suspected smuggler was never charged with a crime because he was not indicted within 90 days.

    LaHood said the problem lies with locating the suspected undocumented immigrants.

    "We need witnesses to prosecute somebody and that hasn't been easy at this point," LaHood said. "We need the evidence to move forward."

    State Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Chief McManus and City Manager Sheryl Sculley nearly a year after the alleged smuggling.

    In the lawsuit, Paxton said McManus refused to transport the undocumented immigrants to federal authorities.

    Violating Senate Bill 4 also known as the anti-sanctuary cities bill.

    The smuggling case is still pending against Nichols.

    LaHood said it'll be passed to the next DA, Joe Gonzales.


    Chief McManus has not spoken to the media since the lawsuit was released.

    DA LaHood, who's term is coming to an end, told me he looks forward to spending more time with his family and returning to private practice.

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