Couple believes their apartment is covered in black mold

Couple believes their apartment is covered in black mold

A Universal City couple believes their apartment complex is battling a mold problem.

"They don't fix things,” said Samantha Nibert. “They put a Band-Aid over it, and expect us to be okay with it."

Nibert, her 2 kids, and her fiancé have lived at the Aviation Place Apartments for about 5 months. According to the couple, they recently discovered what could be black mold hidden in the bathroom ceiling.

On Monday, Nibert claims the ceiling collapsed, revealing a bunch of black spots.

"There were chunks in the bathtub,” said Nibert. To me, that looks like black mold. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty positive that's black mold.”

The couple says they’ve been coughing, and feeling congested. They believe these symptoms are the result of whatever is in their ceiling.

According to the Nibert, maintenance covered the hole with drywall. However, she’d like a more permanent solution, that doesn’t just cover up the issue.

"They put a piece of drywall over it and screwed it into the ceiling,” said Nibert. “The mold is still there.”

An employee at the apartment’s leasing office wasn’t able to speak with us on camera.

The couple says they never tested the spots for mold, but they’ve had enough.

"We live in an unlivable environment,” said Nibert. “Without them fixing it, we refuse to pay, so now they're going to evict us.”

A spokesperson from the city says that not paying rent can lead to more issues. Officials recommend documenting every concern you have with an apartment.

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