County Commissioner searching for Sunrise crime solutions

(SBG San Antonio)

While the Northeast Side of San Antonio is growing, so are crime rates especially in a certain neighborhood, and county leaders want to step up and solve the problem.

The Sunrise area averages one call for service almost every other day.

Steven Partida said the recent rise in crime is even bringing back an old nickname for the neighborhood.

"Literally they call this street instead of sunrise, you ask a lot of people they call it ‘Gunrise’ because it happens a lot." Partida said.

With 'shots fired' becoming a common call in his neighborhood, even children are taking notice.

"The kid literally told his mom, I don't want to go outside no more because of what happened,” said Partida. “For a kid that age to tell you I don't want to go outside no more it’s like that’s got to hurt you."

Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert knows the problems presiding in his precinct.

"Part of the reason that those young people are getting into things is because there are no Youth Centers, there’s no Community Centers, there's no parks, there's no nonprofits that are in that area,” said Calvert. “There's really nothing for the young people to do so what you find is a 15 year old is hanging out with a 30 year old, the predators are able to scoop off the streets the young people who're looking to do something constructive."

And said a solution is something that must come from the inside out.

"We have to empower the residents who are the experts of what’s going on the ground to give us the intelligence on the streets where the hotspots for crime are,” said Calvert. “When you get an organized community then the community moves out the element."

Calvert also says a possible future solution could be a housing bond to help provide owner occupied rehab projects because he tells me he believes creating more home owners than home renters in the area can strengthen the community.

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