Councilman Shaw visits inmates to discuss life after jail

Councilman Shaw visits inmates to discuss life after jail.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Crime is an ongoing issue that plagues various neighborhoods throughout the city.

“We've been talking about crime in our communities,” said District 2 Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw.

Right now, Councilman Shaw is working towards improving crime by talking to inmates at the Bexar County Jail.

“How do we keep folks out of jail out of prison but most importantly when they do go and come out, how do we keep them from going back,” Councilman Shaw said,

On Tuesday, Shaw went inside the jail to talk to inmates face to face.

He said the biggest issue voiced was the lack of employment opportunities.

“Being creative how do we get them employed? How do we get them employed to earn a wage where they can at least afford an apartment and not have to turn to violence or crime,” Councilman Shaw said?

One idea is creating a mentoring program.

“One gentleman said he wants to mentor. He wants to keep kids from doing the same thing he's done

Councilman Shaw said there are resources like the Eastside Education and Training Center that helps people who were once locked up transition back into society.

His goal is to make sure inmates are aware of those opportunities and take advantage of them.

“We need to make sure that we magnify those resources to those who can better utilize them. I think we are going to sit down and come up with a plan with some of our community partners to develop that,” Councilman Shaw said.

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