Councilman Pelaez working with NISD to keep kids safe at school crossings at Brandeis High

    (SBG San Antonio photo)

    SAN ANTONIO---In spite of additional precautions to keep students safe at Brandeis High School another child was hit yesterday morning at a school crossing.

    It’s the second student hit in 4 months and with almost all of the traffic being funneled into one main road right in front of Brandeis the problem may not have a quick fix

    “ The issue has been certainly one that is on going. There have been on going concerns around traffic. The increased congestion and increased traffic in that area'" explains Barry Perez, Executive Director Communications NISD.

    “I actually just heard that there was another child hit and people just don’t look where they’re going and they just fly through here” says Tressie Hinton, a concerned resident.

    It’s a concern that parents, the school district and the city have. District 8 Councilman Manny Pelaez and he said the city has added stop signs at the main entrance along with crossing guards at the Northern entrance and also has asked for more of a police presence all to help keep the students safe. But their are no guarantees,

    But a student we spoke to said that doesn’t always help.

    “Uh I really don’t know, they just keep going. I have to Euro-step my way over there to get to the other side.”

    With only one road to the school, Hausman Road, and the growth in this area it’s become more and more of a problem.

    “There’s too many people coming in and not enough roads being built for the masses,” exclaims Tressie Hinton.

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