Councilman addresses speeding in school zones


SAN ANTONIO - The call for action against speeding drivers is being answered in one north west side neighborhood.

Parents near Vance Jackson and Kerrybrook Court have been concerned about student safety.

Now a City Councilman is doing something about it.

Near Vance Jackson and Kerrybrook parents are worried sick especially on school days.

"It's scary, it really is scary," said Erica Coutinho said.

Students from three nearby schools crowd sidewalks, then risk it all walking through the busy intersection.

"At this particular intersection it's real bad," said Crossing Guard Jesse Martinez.

Jesse Martinez has seen several close calls.

"It's a close call almost every other day with me," Martinez said.

He says police have routinely shown up to enforce the speed limit and ticket drivers.

"They say, I didn't see the light, I didn't notice it, I didn't see the kids," Martinez said. "They always have an excuse for speeding."

Flashing lights warn drivers to slow down in the school zone, but we found some going well above the 20 mile per hour limit.

"I'd say about 40," Martinez said.

The city has installed a numer of signs and signals to improve safety.

Several show no right turn on red but we saw people do it anyway.

"Even when I don't have my kids in my car when I'm passing the school zone and see the flashing lights I automatically think of my kids," Coutinho said.

A crossing guard, and a school resource officer are on duty.

"But there are those who still try to speed by," Coutinho said.

None of it seemed to matter to people speeding to their destination.

"Slow down," Coutinho said, "I mean a life is more important than where you have to be."

District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino says he's looking into traffic enforcement at the intersection.

He says if you see a pedestrian safety issue where you live, don't hesitate to bring it to the attention to police and elected officials.

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