Could year-round water restrictions be far off?


    SAN ANTONIO---The issue has come up before, should we consider having Stage 1 Water Restrictions year around? Only being able to water our yards once a week according to our address and only at certain times.

    "I think it's probably better when you need it you have restrictions but if you but if you don't need those restrictions then why put them on those people," says Katy Heffner.

    But Sarah explains, "I think there's a lot of water waste and maybe those types of restrictions would be helpful in terms of making people more mindful of the water that they use."

    Not surprisingly opinions vary, not only public opinion, but in the city council as well.

    Councilman Greg Brockhouse representing District 6 explains "We have a lot of folks on the council that believe in environmentalism and climate issues and we're going through a massive SA climate plan right now so with us looking at all these climate related activities, water and conservation naturally plays into that."

    In a statement from SAWS they said quote" SAWS hired an independent third party consultant to analyze San Antonio's water restrictions. They concluded that a change to year around restrictions would not substantially change water needs in the future" and that this is a policy issue and is best determined by the council.

    "We have several members on our council that are firm believers we should do much more in the conservation arena which means more watering restrictions and keeping them year around. And then we have some of us like myself that believe less regulations the better. Let's keep an eye on it and follow the experts at SAWS and make sure the council and the residents are a part of any decisions," says Brockhouse.

    Councilman Brockhouse says he doesn't believe it's a split vote on year around water restrictions but won't know for sure until a vote is taken.

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