Firefighters escort home 6-year-old Sutherland Springs church shooting survivor


SAN ANTONIO (SBG) -- It's a big day for Sutherland Springs church shooting survivor Ryland Ward.

Ryland returned home after months of recovering in a hospital received a very special homecoming.

Just last week, Ryland celebrated his 6th birthday. He is expected to be released from University Hospital Wednesday afternoon. Ryland was shot five times in the nation's worst church massacre.

A big red fire truck just like Ryland wants picked him up and escorted him back home. The driver of that truck was the firefighter who rescued Ryland that tragic day. He was also be greeted by other first responders and the community.


VIDEO: Firefighters escort 6-year-old Sutherland Springs church shooting surivor Ryland Ward home


Members of the community lined the streets on the way to Sutherland Springs to cheer on Ryland as he made his big return home.

News release from University Health System:

Last patient from Sutherland Springs shootings goes home
(SAN ANTONIO, TX – Jan. 11, 2018) We are very happy to announce that the last of the patients treated at University Hospital from the Sutherland Springs shootings was released today.
Ryland Ward, 6, was discharged Thursday.
Five adults and four children injured in the Nov. 5 shooting were brought to University Hospital’s Level I trauma center. One pediatric patient died. The others were subsequently were treated and discharged over the next two months, with Ryland the last.
Brooke Army Medical Center, also a Level I trauma center in partnership with University Health System to serve our region, treated eight patients. All have been released.
Ryland and his family are happy to be going home. Many of us at University Health System who have been touched by the strength and spirit of Ryland and the other Sutherland Springs patients celebrate this milestone with them and their families.
Thank you for your interest in these patients and their families who endured great pain and suffering in the wake of this senseless act.
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