Community mourns loss of 17-year-old accident victim Kyle Loveday

    Kyle Loveday (Submitted photo)

    SAN ANTONIO - The unexpected death of a teenager is always tragic. but the recent single-car car crash on Bulverde Road that claimed the life of Kyle Loveday is particularly poignant.

    Loveday had a unique hobby for a 17-year-old. The Johnson High school senior enjoyed making knives.

    Just a couple of months ago, he made an arrowhead-shaped knife for Greg Jones, who knew the teen via a CrossBridge Church mission trip to Reynosa the two had been part of in 2016.

    "Kyle and I had a chance to travel to Mexico with a group. It was a very interesting trip. You really get to know people when you are crammed in a van, probably over-crammed a little bit. Kyle was such a hard worker. So we kind of came to know each other that way.

    "He also had recently developed a skill I really admired and that was the skill of knife making. And I was just really impressed. Although it's not something i aspire to necessarily do, it's something I'm envious of. When I found out about that, I asked Kyle to make me a knife, kind of a special knife, a special design. So he did that."

    This is the knife Kyle Loveday built for Greg Jones. (SBG Photo)

    Jones was wearing the knife around his neck Monday, just a day after Loveday's car was found by a jogger. The green VW Jetta had tumbled into a 30-foot ditch late Friday night when he was initially reported missing.

    Several of Loveday's friends gathered Monday at the accident scene. A few brought flowers. Others shared hugs and memories of the young man who had planned to join the Air Force after graduation.

    Kyle Loveday helped build a house on a church mission trip in 2016 to Reynosa, Miexico. (SBG Photo)

    Claudia San Miguel, who also visited the accident scene Monday, shared a story about her son's close friend.

    "He told his parents he wanted to be cremated and have his organs donated.," she said. "Seventeen. Who thinks about those things? That just proves the kind of amazing kid this was. Always thought about others. He was my son's best friend."

    Jones described Loveday this way: "He was just a big teddy bear of a kid. The Air Force is definitely going to miss a good one, as are we.

    "When someone goes missing for a few days, for good or bad, sometimes we find out some of their secrets. We learn parts of their lives that many we'd rather not have known. But not with this kid, he was the standard All American kid."

    Greg Jones got to know Kyle Loveday on a Crossbridge Church mission trip to Reynosa in 2016. (SBG Photo)

    Jones was not the only recipient of Loveday's knife work.

    "I remember him coming to our door on my son's birthday," San Miguel said. "(Kyle) had made him a knife. And I saw the tears in my son's eyes then because it meant so much to him."

    Loveday's memorial service will be at 1 p.,m Saturday at CrossBridge.

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