Neighbors fight proposed rock quarry

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SAN ANTONIO - A battle is brewing over proposed plans to put a limestone quarry along Highway 46 in Comal County.

Vulcan Materials Company has filed permit requests, meanwhile neighbors have organized a grassroots effort that's giving the company some resistance.

"The ideal would be that it would not be here however that is probably a wishful thinking," said Sabrina Houser-Amaya.

She represents "Friends of Dry Comal Creek," the grass-roots group fighting proposed plans to place a new linestone quarry in Comal County.

The project targets 1500 acres of land along Highway 46 and FM 3009 an area that calls for additional requirements to protect the Edwards Aquifer.

"What we really want is that a quarry is done in such a way to minimize the impact on the air and the water," Houser-Amaya said.

Vulcan Materials Company is aware of those concerns and says it plans to preserve and protect water resources, and use the best technology available to control dust and emissions.

"I understand that and they have indicated that as such however I beloved Hill Country is still going to be impacted," Houser-Amaya said.

The company released a statement saying, "We are committed to investing in the future of Comal County and operating in a safe and responsible manner."

People like Sabrina Houser-Amaya don't like the idea of dealing with increased traffic from dozens of rock trucks.

"Our concern is just the safety and increased volume of truck traffic on roads that were not intended to handle the weight and the amount of increased traffic," Houser-Amaya said.

Vulcan plans to work with TXDot to make road improvements and to ensure safe and responsible traffic flow.

Permits for the project are still pending.

A public meeting with TCEQ has been set for Tuesday, February 27th.

Follow the link to more information on "Friends of Dry Comal Creek."

Click here to learn more about the proposed plan.

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