Clergy member convicted on sex charges responds to Archdiocese's report

    Clergy member convicted on sex charges responds to Archdiocese's report (SBG Photo)

    SAN ANTONIO - For the first time since Thursday’s much anticipated release from the Archdiocese of San Antonio, we’re hearing from a Catholic clergy member listed in the report.

    Jerzy Sieczynski didn’t want to show his face on camera, but he did answer our questions through a screen door at his house.

    "I know about it, but I cannot say anything,” Sieczynski said.

    Sieczynski is one of 57 clergy members tied to sexual abuse since 1940, listed in the Archdiocese’s report.

    “Your name is on the list,” we told Sieczynski.

    “Yes,” he responded. “Yes. I know it was. The chancellor, they told me my name would be on it.”

    We asked him what he thought of being named.

    “This is hell for me,” Sieczynski responded. “Absolutely. This is very very bad...Wherever I go, police have the information."

    Sieczynski worked as an ordained priest at St. Matthew Catholic Church from 2000-2003.

    He was let go in 2003 after an allegation of indecent exposure.

    In 2004, child pornography was found on his computer.

    According to the Archdiocese’s report, “This was established in a criminal trial, and he served three years in prison. Sieczynski is listed in the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry, has been permanently restricted from exercising any ministry, and is not authorized to publicly present himself as a priest.”

    "I'm involved,” said Sieczynski. “They found in my computer the pictures... but nothing was abuse with me.”

    Most of the priests named in the report have died.

    However, the remaining people listed, such as Sieczynski, are no longer in ministry.

    "Is there anything you want to say to the victims out there?”, we asked Sieczynski.

    “I didn't do anything wrong to anybody,” he responded. “I am concerned. I ask them for forgiveness, absolutely."

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