San Antonio councilman steps in to help neighbors suddenly forced to vacate their homes

City councilman steps in to help neighbors suddenly forced to vacate their homes.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Neighbors often affected by gun violence have been hit with notices to vacate.

It was disruptive news for Sonia Rose Davis and her neighbors according to notices left on their doors, They have 30 days to pack up and get out.

“When I came home from my therapist this here was on my door,” Davis said.

Davis lives on Morningview Drive near Wheatley Avenue. A man was shot there Monday and 10 people were arrested following a large raid in February. Five of them were booked for weapons and narcotics. Davis said she has no affiliation with the crime but feels it is the biggest reason why she and others are being forced out.

“Clean up drug dealers, dope, cleanup the neighborhood itself,” Davis said.

District 2 Councilman William Cruz Shaw’s office was contacted

“With the help of you guys we got them councilman and them out,” Davis said.

Shaw contacted the city's legal department. He said it was determined that the property manager is in his or her legal rights to give notices to vacate because some lease agreements had expired and hadn't been renewed. The Department of Human Services is now stepping in to help renters find new places to call home.

“They are helping out with the residents and being relocated to another property,” Shaw said.

It relieved a huge burden for Davis and her neighbors.

“We may have found a house,” Davis said.

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