City Councilman holds event to cleanup eastside neighborhood

By: Ashlei KingNews 4 San AntonioFacebook | Twitter | EmailA San Antonio City Councilman is making a push to clean up some neighborhoods on the eastside.Councilman Alan Warrick and the San Antonio Housing Authority held a community barbecue event on Thursday evening at the intersection of New Braunfels Avenue and Nolan Street."This is a high crime area in the district," Warrick said. "We want to just let the people know that the community is here for them and it's not just people that are doing negative things in the community, there are people who are doing positive things who are giving back."Besides just having a barbecue, the city used the event as a time to cleanup at adjacent vacant lots that attract criminal activity. The city said drug dealers and prostitutes often hide behind the weeds when making illegal transactions."If we leave litter on the ground, if we leave windows broken, if we don't make the things beautiful, if we don't invest in the community, then the community is going to treat it like we're treating it like it's a second class area," Warrick said.Some life-long eastside residents fear what will happen when the event is over and the crowd disappears."If this is just to have a like little picnic on the eastside and make the people think we're really going to do something, then you're just wasting taxpayers' time, but if this is the beginning of how business is going to be done in the future, then I applaud that," Rev. Ruth Martin said.Warrick said they plan to have more cleanup events in the future.

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