City Council approves two parking garage projects

City Council approves two parking garage projects.JPG

SAN ANTONIO- It's not always easy for people to find parking at the Zoo.

Jesse Castillo said it normally takes a couple of circles around the parking lot to find a spot.

“You have to drive around a few times you know, ask are you leaving, are you staying but it usually works out pretty good,” Castillo said.

On Thursday, City Council approved two major parking garage projects.

One for Zoo and park goers.

“There's a lot of folks who want to come to the zoo that end up circling around Brackenridge park to find parking and they end up leaving,” said Brian Carter Vice President of Marketing for the San Antonio Zoo.

The other parking garage will be downtown for USAA.

City Council has approved waiving 75% of a $1.2 million fee to allow USAA to build a six-story, 192-space parking garage on Hagner Arc.

The extra parking will help USAA accommodate the two-thousand jobs it's bringing downtown under a $6 million incentive deal reached last year.

As for the Zoo, it'll cost just over $10 million and is funded by the bond.

“Next year, next summer we will see it completed and we'll have 600 brand new space for Brackenridge park,” Carter said.

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