City comes together one week following human smuggling tragedy

    City comes together one week following human smuggling tragedy.PNG

    SAN ANTONIO- Hundreds across the city come together one week following the human smuggling tragedy that hit San Antonio’s Southwest side.

    “I know some of the names Allen, Jose, Brandon who died and the others who are ill, who are in the process of healing,” said Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller.

    The Archbishop spoke words of compassion in a special service held at the San Fernando Cathedral on Sunday.

    “They will know that we are doing it out of love, just care,” said the Archbishop.

    During the service, people prayed for the families of the ten people who died in last weekend's human smuggling tragedy.

    “I can relate to that because I came in just like they did,” said Pedro Sifuentes.

    Pedro Sifuentes is thankful he made it to the United States alive. He knows why people risk crossing the border.

    “You're trying to just seek a better life; that's it bottom-line,” said Sifuentes.

    A separate prayer service was held at City Hall on Sunday.

    “It breaks your heart when cases like this happen but this is just the one we heard about. People are losing their lives every day,” said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

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