Church youth group remembers Clay Robinson


Friends and family are mourning the loss of 51-year old Clay Robinson, who was killed during a home invasion in Universal City Tuesday morning.

Friends of Robinson say he was an integral part of the youth ministry at the Believers Fellowship Church.

Members of the church say Robinson had been coming to the church since he was a boy in the late seventies.

“He was in our youth department for I think it would have been going on 20 years this year," said Chance Hunt, pastor and leader of student ministries at the church.

“Clay knew so many of them, he taught so many of them,” said Hunt.

Robinson leaves behind six children, but Hunt says he was a father figure to many more.

“He helped in whatever way that he could,” said Hunt. “He was there to talk to students, he was there to play games with students. He loved the kids and they loved him."

Hunt says Robinson lived what he preached.

He took care of hundreds in his community as a physician's assistant, but Robinson's care also extended to his church family.

“I've got four little girls,” said Hunt. “I can't tell you how many times I would text him after hours,

‘Clay I don't mean to bother you but my little four-year old has got a sore throat and could you please come take a look at it?' He would be there."

While Robinson’s death is still difficult to process, Hunt says the family is leaning on their faith.

“He was a great friend to so many people and that needs to be remembered," said Hunt.

Funeral services for Robinson are planned to be held at the church on Friday morning at 10.

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