Church staffer fired after inappropriate relationship with minor

    SBG San Antonio

    A part-time staffer has been fired from Community Bible Church after confessing to an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

    The staffer, who worked at the church for nearly 8 months, admitted to having a physical relationship with one minor and up to 10 relationships with minors online. The announcement was made by Pastor Ed Newton during Saturday's church service.

    Newton said the staffer was fired and the San Antonio Police Department is investigating.

    Counselors will be made available for the victims.

    "In recent days, my heart was broken when I was informed that a part-time employee admitted to our executive pastor that the employee had engaged in inappropriate behavior with several minors in our youth ministry. We believe that this was limited to less than 10 victims, but clearly, even one victim is too many," Newton said in a statement.

    Newton said the church immediately notified police about the staffers confession.

    Before being hired the staffer underwent a full background check and the church contacted references, according to the statement.

    "There was absolutely no reason to believe that this person posed a risk," Newton said.

    A trespassing warrant was also issued to prevent the staffer from attending any CBC events.

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