Christian Academy of San Antonio closing

CASA Closing

SAN ANTONIO -- Hundreds of students will be looking for a new school over the summer since the Christian Academy of San Antonio is closing its doors.

Even though parents knew this was going to happen a year ago it's still a bitter pill to swallow.

Students are not cheering for the end of the school year.

“We wanted to give them a proper farewell," said Marie Ortiz, who had several children attend CASA.

Dozens of students showed up to recognize their teachers who are considered more like family.

"They're not just here just to teach us but to help us grow as people," said Karina Ortiz, a junior at CASA’s secondary school.

Marian Cates has taught music here for the past five years.

“They’re are our babies,” said Cares. “This is our family."

Teachers and students will not be returning to the Christian Academy of San Antonio next year.

“God has taken us on this crazy journey this year," said Cates.

Parents say the school is closing because funding was pulled.

“We had a very generous donor and so we kept it open another year," said Ortiz.

The school's website shows tuition costs for students to be around $5,000 per year.

“We tried to raise the money but we were not successful," said Ortiz.

School administrators would not specify how much money needed to be raised to keep the school open.

Some teachers like Cates will be moving to charter schools.

Karina Ortiz will graduate next year from another Christian school.

"We will be taking as much of CASA as we can with us," said Ortiz.

As fond memories were shared, smiles and laughter gave way to hugs and tears.

“There’s always that hope that we will be reunited as a family once again,” said Ortiz.

The Jubilee Academic Center will move into the buildings next school year.

Administrators hope to have about 600 students enrolled.

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