Caught On Camera: Thief breaks into home through doggy door


A homeowner in northeast San Antonio catches a thief on camera breaking into his home for the second time in a span of two weeks

The security camera from Rob Stuckey’s home shows the thief just after he finishes weaseling through the doggy door.

After checking out a cabinet the man with long hair, wearing all black realizes he’s being recorded.

The break-in happened around 9:45 Tuesday morning.

Stuckey was at work.

"Frustrating to know that somebody is watching," said Stuckey.

Stuckey's fiancé had left the house and taken their two dogs with them.

“Usually they're here and it's frustrating to know that someone's watching because it was literally this one little window of time when they were gone."

Minutes before the doggy door break-in, a camera on Stuckey's front door catches what appears to be the same man checking out his house.

It's the second time Stuckey's house has been broken into in as many weeks.

“Came back Christmas night and discovered the house had been broken into," said Stuckey.

His fiancé was out of the country visiting family. The dogs were being boarded.

The house has an alarm system but the thief got in through a bedroom window.

“These don't open because of the storm windows so there's no alarm on these,” said Stuckey.

Stuckey says the thief made off with a gun, credit cards, some jewelry and passports.

Now Stuckey is adding several more cameras to fully cover his property, hoping to deter thieves from stealing from his house for a third time.

“The first time was very scary the second time just pisses you off,” said Stuckey.

If you have any information or recognize the man you saw in the video, call the police department at 210-207-7273.

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