Caught on Camera: San Antonio businesses tormented by burglars

People breaking in and stealing cash registers at the Oak Ridge Plaza Shopping Center along Babcock Road. (Photo from surveillance video)

SAN ANTONIO - After Thursday’s IHOP robbery, some businesses on the North Side are optimistic of change. We tracked crime in the area. Within two miles of the IHOP near I-10 and Vance Jackson, there have been 42 commercial burglaries in the past month alone.

We obtained surveillance videos from two stores in the Oak Ridge Plaza Shopping Center along Babcock Road. Both show people breaking in, and stealing cash registers.

"He literally just came in, and in 30 seconds, ripped out the entire register, and made it out the door,” said Mason Larkin the Owner at Horizon Uniforms.

Horizon Uniforms has been burglarized twice in less than 2 years. In the most recent instance 2 weeks ago, the burglar got away with a register and hundreds of dollars.

"This lock assembly was completely jammed up, it wouldn't shut,” said Larkin. "It's disrespectful to see one person just come in, and just clutter all of the things you have worked hard to build. It makes you nervous working at night by yourself."

Horizon Uniforms aren’t alone at Oak Ridge Plaza. The Bride Accessories was also recently burglarized, along with another bridal store nearby.

"He threw a rock through the front door,” said Jaime Rios from The Bride Accessories. “Kicked it, walked in, took it, and was gone in about a minute or so."

We still aren’t sure if Thursday’s IHOP robbery involved the same people, but it did happen just two miles from these shops.

"I'm hopeful that's the guy, and that his accomplice gets caught,” said Larkin. “This was a team effort.”

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