Cats quarantined after disease outbreak at San Antonio Cat Cafe

(SBG San Antonio photo)

SAN ANTONIO - The cats in the San Antonio Cat Cafe won't be pet by potential adopters anytime soon. Their fury faces are quarantined.

All 54 of them are being quarantined in a 1000-square-foot room.

"You are not going to get the sick cats better in that environment and unfortunately you are likely to spread those ailments to the other animals that are healthy currently," said Shannon Sims, the assistant director of Animal Care Services.

ACS ordered the cats to be quarantined on Monday after an inspection of the cafe. According to Casey Steuart, the founder of San Antonio Cat Cafe, this is far more cats than they normally have. In the past few weeks, people have been dropping off cats at a higher rate.

"Usually it's very normal and there is a regular process, but it seems like in the past two weeks they have kinds of gotten crazy," Steuart said.

Some of those cats were sick and spread illnesses. One cat named Winter was adopted by Cas Moskwa, a former employee of the cafe, who recently quit. Moskwa said her cat had ringworm.

"The sickness just kind of stayed in the cafe and every cat that just got in after that just got sick," Moskwa said.

The cats in the cafe will be adopted out, given to fosters, or sent to other shelters.

ACS will be doing inspections to make sure remaining cats are healthy and will also make sure the numbers of cats will go down. Sims said ACS would like there to be somewhere between 10 and 20 cats in the cafe going forward.

Currently, there is no specific number of cats permitted. This is the first cat cafe in the city.

ACS and Steuart will be working together to find a good balance.

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