Catholic Charities of San Antonio helping migrant families enjoy first Thanksgiving

    (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

    Catholic Charities is looking to help some of the thousands of migrants seeking asylum in the United States by starting a shelter in San Antonio.

    The Guadalupe Community Center is awaiting the arrival of the archbishop. About 200 people will receive everything they need for a Thanksgiving dinner, including migrant families celebrating Thanksgiving for the first time.

    Catholic Charities has a small shelter right now, with two bedrooms. For the past few months it has been full every single night. The organization has played a big part in helping migrant families looking for asylum.

    Catholic Charities has already helped dozens of families taken into custody by coming across the border. In many cases children were separated from their parents.

    Antonio Fernandez, president of Catholic Charities of San Antonio, went to El Paso to get a look at the migrant crisis first hand.

    "They have received almost 2000 people in one week and 1800 the following week," Fernandez said.

    Catholic Charities of San Antonio is now looking for a new property to put a large shelter for asylum seekers who are passing through our area.

    “It’s about the dignity of the people. The dignity and the respect that everyone deserves,” Fernandez said.

    The organization is looking for a building where they could house about 20 people a night and he would like it to be close to the Greyhound Bus Station downtown.

    They hope to have the shelter running within 3 months.

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