Cars riddled with bullets outside of a San Antonio Walmart

    Cars riddled with bullets outside of a San Antonio Walmart

    Police are investigating a shooting that took place Sunday afternoon on San Antonio’s West Side.

    Ismael Garcia provided us photos he took after the incident took place. Pictures show at least 2 cars riddled with bullet holes.

    San Antonio police confirm they responded to the Walmart parking lot Sunday around noon for a shooting. The incident occurred near Loop 1604 and Culebra Road.

    No one was hurt, and so far, no arrests have been made.

    Shoppers, we spoke with on Monday were surprised to hear about the shooting.

    "In a nice neighborhood like this, you would not expect something like that to happen,” said George Olivas who is also an Army veteran.

    In Garcia’s original Facebook post, he says witnesses described an “AK-47" rifle that was used. Authorities haven’t been able to confirm that. However, we did show photos of the damaged cars to Olivas.

    "That's an Iraq War flashback right there,” said the Army veteran while looking at one photo. "It looks like it was an automatic. It looks like someone really put a lot of rounds in there."

    A spokesperson from Walmart provided us with the below statement regarding the incident.

    "We're glad no associates or customers were injured in this incident and appreciate local law enforcement's quick response,” said Casey Staheli from Walmart.

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