Career college loses accreditation, closes doors days before students set for graduation

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    Since 1966 the Brightwood College campus on San Pedro opened its doors to teach health care programs, but right now, the doors locked, students are out of their money, and I’m learning the institution may have known about this for longer than they let on to students.

    It felt like the start of a normal day for Tammara Taylor, until she got the news.

    "We were in class they pulled us in a meeting and basically said the school was shutting down out of nowhere the school lost accreditation." Taylor said.

    Brightwood College campuses across San Antonio, and across the nation are shutting down, leaving students to wonder what’s next.

    "They can't tell us nothing it's all going to be in an email they're shutting down everybody is packing up all of their stuff." One student said.

    When asked about what was happening, teachers and even College Directors replied with “No Comment,” but Taylor suspected there was something more.

    "There's alot of questions, and we can't get all the answers, credits, financial aid, teachers walking out,” said Taylor. “They knew this they said they just found out this morning but it's something that had to be going on ."

    According to the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, decided to withdraw, by suspension, the accreditation of all institutions owned by Virginia Colleges including Brightwood College.

    According to a show cause directive, Virginia Colleges was notified of violations at 19 of its campuses across the country in September, and warned again in October and November after it was found the colleges were operating at a 16 and a half percent loss, explaining some of the recruiting practices that students experienced.

    "They were calling us every day to enroll so the same day we came they got our money and that's it." another student said.

    Medical Assistants Diploma and Medical Billing and Coding Diploma Students will still be able to take their final exams, and can apply to get their student loans refunded by filling out an application here:

    And to check on how to get your final transcripts go to www. where Brightwood Colleges said they would post an additional Q&A in the coming weeks.

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