Cancer survivor prepares for marathon

Every morning Mario Gloria is running. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - A cancer survivor is preparing for San Antonio's Rock n Roll Marathon.

Every morning Mario Gloria is running. 5 miles at 5 AM. Preparing for marathons because five years ago he was in a hospital bed. Chemotherapy for six months after doctors told him he had non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

"It was like a hangover times 200," Gloria said.

He completed chemo and beat the cancer. Then completed marathons.

"I knew he would get through it," Monica Gloria said.

"I just do it for the cancer survivors, to show them you can come back from cancer even stronger," Mario said.

It's half the reason why he keeps running.

"Every time I get tired, I don't want to train, work related, or life...I always think of my daughter and what she went through in the incubator," Mario said.

His daughter Guiliana born at 21 weeks, weighed less than a pound.

"She died twice on us in the hospital," Mario said.

Two years later.

"Shes 28 lbs and full of life," Mario said.

It's these happy moments Mario cherishes.

The harder ones.

Is what keeps his feet moving.

He has advice for you.

"Don't give up," Mario said.

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