Burnet house with ‘BETO’ painted on roof vandalized overnight

    CBS Austin

    The Burnet County Sheriff is investigating after vandals hit a house overnight.

    But this was no run-of-the-mill graffiti case.

    The little fixer-upper house near Lake Buchanan was due to get a new roof soon so the owner painted the word "BETO" there Friday to show support for the Democratic candidate for senator ahead of the midterm election.

    “Instead of buying a sign, I spent 99 cents for two cans of paint and painted it”.

    When he woke up Saturday morning, slurs and obscenities were painted in bright orange all over the house.

    The owner, who did not want to be identified, was shaken up

    “I was extremely surprised that, you know, they targeted me with some of the ugly words that they targeted me with”.

    He filed a report with the Burnet County Sheriff and says there's no excuse for this.

    “This isn't a place for hate. This is a great little community and everybody loves each other. I just kind of pray for them”.

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