Burglars shoot windows to test for alarm system

Burglars ransack home, shoot windows over Christmas

SAN ANTONIO – Burglars strike a home north of Alamo Heights sometime Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, using techniques you need to know about to better protect your home.

"It was obvious they were looking for money,” homeowner David Gross says.

They weren’t your typical Christmas Grinches. These burglars knew what they were doing.

"That's what the policeman said,” Gross says. “He said they looked like they were professionals."

The homeowner pieced together how they did it.

"There were two windows in the front where there had been BB shots,” Gross says.

They shot through the windows to test for an alarm. When they didn’t hear one, the burglars went into the back yard.

"The gate to the alley was open,” Gross discovered when he got home from Christmas vacation.

Next, the burglars unscrewed the porch lights and broke through French doors, using a seat cushion to muffle the noise.

“When I got here, it was laying about like that,” Gross says while picking up the cushion to show how close it was to the door. “All the glass from the French door, inside and out. I opened the garage door and I immediately saw some of my tools had been placed in a pile. They went through every single drawer, every cabinet."

The burglars made off with a coin collection, jewelry and watches.

"Some of the stuff was from my dad who's passed away. Things like that you can't replace,” Gross says.

He’s now making a New Year’s resolution: invest in a security system and a bigger back fence.

"I think we need to all be more alert,” he says.

And he has a message for the burglars.

"Get a job,” Gross says. “Get a job and work for your things like the rest of us. You'll feel better and you'll stay out of jail."


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