Bumper to bumper traffic for Windcrest Christmas lights

    Windcrest Christmas lights

    Hundreds of cars flood into Windcrest every December, for the town’s annual Light Up.

    “We come every year,” one guest told us. “These are the grandkids; we bring them down every year.”

    “I like all of the lights and the Christmas trees,” one young girl said.

    Almost every home is covered with lights. We spoke with one of the most decorated houses, and spoke with the owner John White. He says they moved to the subdivision roughly 20 years ago, because of the craziness associated with the Christmas lights.

    “We do it for the public,” said White. “Our Christmas is watching the families and the kids out here enjoying themselves, and having a nice time.”

    Many homes have very impressive displays, often times causing traffic to crawl through Windcrest.

    “There's a lot of cars,” one driver told us. “A lot of stopping, not a lot of going.”

    “It's a little outrageous to be out here in a car, so we just decided to walk,” said one visitor who had walked about 2 miles.

    Although the traffic can be bad at times, many people still think it’s worth the wait.

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