Bullying investigation underway after 7th grader dies by suicide

Bullying investigation underway

Students at Jourdanton Junior High School are mourning the loss of one of their own.

"It was pretty shocking to hear that,” said Jeffrie Beauchamp, a 7th grader at Jourdanton Junior High. “Everyone was crying."

Beauchamp says he was good friends with Joe Rudy Alvarado, a 12-year-old who committed suicide after school on Monday.

“He's been bullied at school,” said Beauchamp. “Put up against the wall, and threatened by choking."

Jourdanton police tell us they’re investigating bullying accusations.

Many parents we’ve met, are anxious for answers from the school district.

"I’m sad for the parents,” said Stephanie Roman. “I’m sad for the child, and I’m worried about my child."

We went by the school district’s administrative office, but we were told the superintendent wasn't available

A letter was sent home to parents on Tuesday, acknowledging Joe’s death, but it didn’t say anything about bullying.

"It's a really big change for all of us,” said Beauchamp. “Why would he do that? He was so happy at school."

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