Broken drain pipe causes sinkhole on North Side

Broken drain pipe causes sinkhole on North Side (News 4 San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO -- Downed trees, busted traffic lights and now reports of a sinkhole in San Antonio.

The recent downpours have taken a big toll on the city's infrastructure. Thursday afternoon, we were called over to a lot where the ground is caving in.

At a quick glance, the sinkhole at Loop 410 and Piedras Drive doesn't look so bad. But get a little closer, and you'll see just how deep it really goes.

"It's a 40 ft. deep, if not longer hole, if not 20 feet in length," Government Relations Director Michael Shackelford told us.

Shackelford recognizes any shift in the ground at the property along with more rain in the forecast, could make this dangerous situation a lot worse.

"The ground was starting to loosen up, and we looked at it and called the maintenance department and they determined that this could be a huge issue," said Shackelford.

Within less than hour, crews were out, inspecting the area carefully.

"We have a camera truck where we can actually stick a camera underneath the system and see what's going on," explained Art Reinhardt, Asst. Director Transportation and Capital Improvements.

The situation is just one of the many emergency calls they've received in the last 24 hours.

"We had over 20 trees that came down in the street, that we had to send our crews out to clear," Reinhardt told us. "About 60 traffic signals that lit up for some kind of malfunction, and almost 30 street closures that we barricaded."

In the end though, these guys work 24-7, especially during major rain events.

"We're out there city wide, responding as needed," added Reinhardt.

To fix whatever damage Mother Nature leaves behind.

"We're also first responders along with police and fire," said Reinhardt. "And we're out there responding to weather events as they come up, day or night."

We got word Thursday evening that the sink hole was actually caused by a broken drain pipe underground. The rain definitely doesn't help in this case, but the city is getting it taken care of.

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