DRAMATIC VIDEO: Firefighters pull off daring rescue as SUV bobs in raging floodwaters

SBG San Antonio

The San Antonio Fire Department rescued a driver trapped on top of an SUV in raging water along Pinn Road early Monday morning.

The driver became stuck along a low-lying stretch of Pinn Road near Highway 151 at about 10:30 a.m. Firefighters extended ladders from two trucks, and also prepared at least one boat to put in the water.

At about 11:15 a.m., fire crews tied an extra step ladder onto the fully extended truck ladder and reached the driver as water rose against the SUV. The ladder extension was enough to reach the stranded driver and he was pulled to safety.

As soon as the weight of the driver came off the SUV, SAFD officials said the SUV began to bob in the water, adding the four tires were not touching the ground.

He was on his way to work when his SUV became stranded in about one foot of water on Pinn Road. There were no barricades on the road at the time, so he will not be ticketed.

He did not appear to be hurt. SAFD officials later said the man was the only person in the SUV.

An SAFD official said there has been quite a bit of construction in the area, causing drainage issues.

The fire department tells SBG San Antonio that as of 4:46 p.m., they've responded to 24 high water investigations, 7 water rescues and 13 structure fires. Most of the water responses were for stalled vehicles where drivers could be walked out of the water. Four of the structure fires were caused by lightning. No injuries have been reported.

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