'Brain drain' strikes San Antonio, promising graduates look for work elsewhere


    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, San Antonio is the fifth fastest growing city in the country since 2010.

    Right now there is a population leaving the city that could be costly.

    Vanessa Kenon, Assistant Vice Provost for Information Technology at UTSA said San Antonio is a breeding ground for technology titans.

    "People are always asking us for interns and externs, we need somebody to come in and take us to the next level,” said Kenon. “I've heard this from folks in banks engineering companies, to just ask how can we get students to come in."

    David heard is the CEO of TechBloc, a non-profit group of businesses that works to grow the technology industry in San Antonio.

    According to heard the city is struggling to keep its prized pupils here.

    "Brain drain is always an issue, we've had kind of a brain drain situation in the past many have claimed,” said Heard. “We're training up good young smart people, but they're leaving after college and taking jobs in other cities where they have a better lifestyle choice."

    Taking with them the funds for the future, impacting all aspects of life, starting with the housing market among others.

    "Development of the Pearl, the renaissance going on downtown, a lot of investment in the infrastructure of our town.” Heard said.

    Heard says the key is to find the other half of the equation, that appeals to entrepreneurs.

    "We've always been known as a great place for military and for families, we need to become an increasingly great place for young professionals." Heard said.

    With the goal of creating a double-barreled solution.

    "Hopefully not only build a better pipeline for talent, but sell them on the idea that building a tech career in San Antonio would be a good idea, that we have a good scene here...."

    Heard added the change will take time, but in the next five to ten years, the goal is to make San Antonio a tier one city for technology careers, to create even more growth in the city’s downtown and beyond.

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