Boyfriend was crying with no tears in yard when officials arrived to Anaqua Springs scene

    Nichol Olsen and her two young daughters Alexa and London were found shot to death January 10 in their luxury home.

    SAN ANTONIO - An official report from the Bexar County Sheriff's Office is now available, detailing the morning officials were called out to a home in Anaqua Springs Ranch.

    According to the report, a BCSO deputy was called out to the home in the 11000 block of Anaqua Springs for a suicide, called in by Charles Edward Wheeler.

    Wheeler, the boyfriend of Nicol Olsen, was found in the front yard crying on the ground, though the deputy says no tears were visible.

    The deputy says he was told Olsen and her daughters were upstairs, so he made his way through the home.

    Upstairs, the deputy writes he found the three bodies near each other.

    In the report, the deputy says he found one on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head and lying in a large pool of blood, with Olsen a few feet to the side with another gunshot wound, while the last victim was in front of a doorway with a gunshot wound as well.

    The deputy described the bodies as "cold and rigid to the touch."

    The report redacts the names.

    According to the report, there was a large amount of smeared blood on the floor and some even on the wall.

    Wheeler told officers he and Olsen had an argument the night before around 10:00, in which he left and stayed somewhere else. He also told them he had been trying to reach those in the home all night, but no one was responded.

    Police say Wheeler claimed he found them all upstairs when he got back that morning.

    Wheeler was taken downtown for an interview afterward.

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