Boy Scouts open ranks to let girls attain rank of Eagle Scout

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    Boy scout programs across the country opening their ranks to young girls even after the Girl Scouts of America filed a lawsuit against them.

    Right now preparations are being made here for a big recruitment day this weekend, where the boy scouts are hoping to hook young girls into their program, a decision-making waves both inside and outside of their organization.

    You could say scouting is in Michaela Oakes' blood.

    "One of the people I admire most is my grandfather, and I want to achieve the things he's achieved,” said Oakes. "Our family is three generations long scouting family, so my grandfather was a scout, my brother was a scout, my uncle was a scout.”

    According to Angel Martinez with Boy Scouts of America Alamo Area Council she's not alone

    "As of last week 753 girls have joined the cub scouting program.”

    Now the boy scouts expanding the options for an older generation allowing girls to attain the rank of eagle scout for the first-time next year.

    "They can do bow and arrows, they can do fishing and all sorts of outdoor activities which is the core of BSA."

    The decision hasn't come without doubters from current parents.

    "It bothered him, he was like, I don't know if this is I think a boy should be the only person that gets an eagle scout that should be just a boy thing."

    One conversation with the kids explaining their passion can change their mind.

    "That kind of melted his heart and changed his mind he was like okay it’s about the kids it's not about what us adults want it’s about these kids."

    Building a bridge to welcome a new age of scouts.

    "These girls are going to see something they haven't seen in other programs."

    The program welcoming girls into eagle scouts starts February second, but may not be available everywhere, each charter organization will decide if admitting girls is a decision that best serves their community.

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