Body found in Northside apartment complex parking lot


People living at a north side apartment complex shaken after a body was found in the parking lot overnight.

Residents at the Pepperidge Apartments said the gate in and out of their apartments stays open and while the people that live there don't blame the apartment complex for what happened overnight, they do worry about who could be next.

Police treating it as a homicide, but the people that live there, like Edgar Martinez heard little more than a bump in the night.

"I heard noise, you know you hear stuff at night, but I would never guess that happened." Martinez said.

Joe Losoyoa has spent his fair share of time there, living at pepper ridge for six years, and doesn't blame the property owners for what happened but is worried about who could be next.

"I don't know what else they can do, they can't be here all night all day during the day is fine but during the night they can't be here,” said Losoya. "Now it's making me where I don't even want to come out here during the night and throw my stuff out because I don’t know what’s going to happen, make myself vulnerable for something I didn't do."

He did cite a soft entryway as a sign of concern.

"You can't have security you got no fence line up there going in and out the gate so this place is just vulnerable as a possible anyone can drive in and out." Losoya said.

We are still waiting from the Medical Examiner for a confirmation of the identity of the body and the cause of death, as for police they are still investigating this situation as if it were a homicide.

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