Big Give SA: The Prosthetic Foundation

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    SAN ANTONIO - It's The Big Give day, SA -- a great opportunity to donate to a charity and make a difference in someone's life.

    One of the charities participating this year in San Antonio is The Prosthetic Foundation.

    Delaine Mathieu caught up with them to find out exactly what they're all about.

    "We have a lot of patients who get an amputation and, unfortunately, don't have the necessary funds to acquire a prosthesis."

    Dr. Mark Wengrovitz is a vascular surgeon.

    He and his team perform around 400 amputations every single year here -- mainly on diabetics.

    "Diabetics get infections that they really can't handle," Dr. Wengrovitz said. "They get terrible nerve problems with their feet and they also get premature hardening of the arteries which can lead to gangrene."

    He says it's devastating to a patient to hear they're going to lose a limb -- especially when that patient doesn't have insurance.

    "Really, they're the needy," he said. "They're the patients that don't have medical insurance, often they're unemployed and the problem with the amputation just makes that worse."

    And that's where The Prosthetic Foundation comes in. For patients who qualify, they provide the funds needed for lower-limb prosthetics: $3,500 for below-the-knee amputees and $5,000 for above-the-knee -- allowing so many San Antonians the ability to walk again -- and in many cases -- work again.

    "I think we have no idea what it would be like not to be able to do it again," said Dr. Wengrovitz "And for many of our patients, that's what happens."

    Which is why on this Big Give Day -- Dr. Wengrovitz and so many in San Antonio would be honored if you could help.

    "Our cause is as good as any," he said. "And I really feel that if you have it in your heart to give money, there's nothing better than to give them their life again."

    If you'd like to give today -- head to or go directly to the foundation's website:

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