Bexar homeowners react to county-wide increase in property values


SAN ANTONIO - Bexar county property values are up and some homeowners aren't happy about the county-wide increase.

There is a list of options took a look at your options and homeowners can to fight it.

Bexar County has completed its property assessments and homeowners are getting their appraisals this week.

"Lot of screaming and yelling about it that's for sure."

The Appraisal District says market value for a single family home in Bexar County is up an average of nearly 9-percent.

In some areas it's even higher.

"For instance my land values rose 72% from last year to this year."

If you're looking to sell your home, the increase is good.

If not it amounts to higher property tax.

"My neighbors have lived here a lifetime, they're not interested in selling their property, yet their property taxes continue to rise and some unfortunately are placed in a position of being forced to sell because they can no longer afford to live in their home."

"You have people on fixed incomes that are not able to afford these things."

Property owners can protest their values by mail.

It must be post marked by May 31st in order to be scheduled for two hearings with the appraisal district. The information is listed on the back of the assessment notices.

"I recommend that every homeowner go to the appraisal district in person and pick up an evidence packet."

He says the packet shows how the district calculated your property value.

In some cases reductions are made in an informal hearing.

"I have protested mine every single year."

If you're still unhappy with the results of a formal hearing - you can file a lawsuit in district court.

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