Bexar County commissioner clarifies comment about poisoning Republicans


SAN ANTONIO - A Bexar county commissioner is clarifying a comment he made while voicing his opposition of San Antonio hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention. Toward the end of nine minutes of remarks on Wednesday, Calvert said this:

"Yes, Brad Parscale has been quoted as saying it will be one of the biggest food and catering events in the history of the city,” said Calvert. “But who do you think is cooking the food? Who do you think is going to be serving the food? And in the words of Senator Menendez who isn’t here because his wife is in the hospital, I would hate to eat the mole. Montezuma's revenge a la Norte."

The statement came at a gathering of community members voicing their opposition of San Antonio hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Senator Menendez quickly distanced himself from Commissioner Calvert, writing on social media, "I would have never said or written that quote publicly, never. I have to much respect for the professionals who work hard everyday in our tourism industry."

On Thursday, Precinct 4 Commission Tommy Calvert released the following statement:

”I am not going to dignify his phony tweet and poisonous comments. Neither Senator Menendez nor I said a word about poisoning our brothers and sisters who attend the Republican National Convention. Parscale is trying to distract from our worry that his boss calls for the beating down of protestors and the dehumanization of people of Mexican descent. We are trying to protect our community from erupting and burning down because of outrageous and disrespectful rhetoric. Parscale's tweet games are proving my point. I now have to have security detail because he is inflaming his supporters and that is exactly the kind of nonsense we should avoid to keep the peace in our streets. The comment was made as an allegory to the 60 percent of the people who voted against President Trump in Bexar County and how he is not a reflection of our values. I am running unopposed for re-election this year because I work with both sides of the aisle and respect the input of my Republican brothers and sisters and I will continue that ethic. For Brad Parscale, his tweeting is anarchist game. For me this is not about his anarchist games. I'm concerned about public safety and jobs we could lose. Now that the Council has agreed with me that this convention would create huge disturbances, the community has spoken and ask Mr. Parscale to return to his full-time home in Miami. Mr. Parscale please stop leveraging our beautiful city of San Antonio to get the city of Charlotte to give the RNC more free taxpayer dollars. What a disgrace! I am proud of our council for not folding for a dollar bill. The council has shown integrity and that is what San Antonio is all about. The spirit of our ancestors has risen in the week of its 300th anniversary of how we are a city with a special spirit of community. We are still a city of unity and a city of God's grace. God bless us all.”

A little later in the afternoon, President Trump's 2020 campaign manager sent out a series of tweets in response to the comment

Brad Parscale labeled the commissioner as phony and pushed for democrats to ask for Calvert's resignation.

Three hours later, Parscale tweeted his surprise that other elected officials, including Mayor Ron Nirenberg, had not condemned the comment

30 minutes later, Parscale tweeted that Nirenberg should ask for Calvert's resignation again.

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