Monkey shot with tranquilizer after escaping cage at San Antonio airport

    The baboon that escaped it's cage Monday at the San Antonio International Airport. (SBG Photo)


    WATCH: Officials provide an update after a monkey was loose for several hours

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    San Antonio International Airport officials say a baboon that escaped it's cage Monday afternoon is now in an isolated area.

    Officials said it was running around an isolated baggage area where animals are checked after coming off a flight. The baboon was on an American Airlines flight from Chicago when it escaped its crate.

    American Airlines has released the following statement regarding the incident. They say officials from the San Antonio Zoo are on site right now to ensure the animal's safety.:

    After the arrival of American Airlines 1014 from Chicago O’Hare, a monkey that was en route to a local animal sanctuary and refuge in the San Antonio-area inadvertently became free of his cage. He is currently in an isolated area where it is safe, away from all of our team members and customers. We are working closely with the San Antonio Aviation Department and officials from the San Antonio Zoo. Officials from the zoo are now onsite to ensure his safety and wellbeing as he continues his journey to his new home at the primate sanctuary.

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