Autopsy shows Border Patrol agent's mysterious death caused by blunt force head injuries

A digital billboard asking for information will be visible until Dec. 8 in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

An autopsy report released Tuesday shows a Border Patrol agent died of traumatic head injuries after responding to an incident near Van Horn two months ago.

Agent Rogelio Martinez, 36, died on Nov. 18 after he and another agent responded to activity at about 11:20 p.m. the night before near I-10 east of Van Horn. The second agent is still in the hospital.

The autopsy report for Martinez showed he died of blunt injuries to the head. The manner of death is still unknown at this time.

A reward of up to $70,000 is being offered by the FBI and the State of Texas for information on the incident.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Official Rush Carter said all the agency can confirm is that the two agents were injured and that a joint investigation with the FBI will hopefully determine how that happened.

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