Authorities say 22-year-old case of missing Patty Vaughan is 'not cold'

    Missing mom Patty Vaughan (Photo provided by family)

    It's been more than 22 years since Patty Vaughan was last seen alive. She disappeared on Christmas Day in 1996, but in the time since, her family has not given up hope that her remains will be found.

    "All of the blood found in the house was id'd through DNA as Patty's," her family told us in 2016. "They have the evidence she was killed in the house. She was placed in her van there and without a doubt we know Patty was killed. We just don't know what happened afterwards."

    Now, 22 years later, new District Attorney Audrey Gossett Louis has her eye on the case.

    "She's not alive," says Louis. "It's frustrating. It's frustrating because it's hard to think of the family. Particularly her mom. Having closure, having justice for her."

    For years, authorities have considered Patty's ex-husband JR Vaughan to be a suspect in her death. DA Gossett Louis says they have new evidence to follow.

    "It's not cold. We have had recent evidence develop are examined and checked," she says. "There are several people that we believe have really good information."

    Until answers are found in the case, Patty's family says they will continue to search for her.

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