Active shooter situation in Floresville cleared, Pence's vigil attendance upholds

(SBG San Antonio)

Update (10:50 p.m):

According to police, the reports of an active shooter turned out to be false. Officials say authorities were called after someone thought they heard gunshots, and saw someone suspicious with a gun.

Police searched the area for about 2 hours, but found nothing.


Authorities are responding to the area near a nursing home in Floresville for reports of shots fired.

The call came in around 1:45 p.m. at the 1800 block of 5th Street.

Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt tells us they are looking for someone, but cannot confirm if this is an active shooter situation. However, he did say "it could be a BB gun."

This breaking news comes just moments ahead of Vice President Mike Pence's arrival in Sutherland Springs to meet with those of affected by the mass shooting at the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church on Sunday. Officials said 26 died and 20 were injured. He is scheduled to attend a vigil in Floresville later tonight.

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