Author shares story to stop spread of Sex Trafficking


A study from last year by The University of Texas at Austin shows there were three hundred thousand human trafficking victims in the state of Texas.

Community leaders at the League of United Latin American Citizens Convention happening right now in Texas are taking a stand.

She's sharing her story, to promote prevention and stop human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Author Sandy Storm telling her own tale, to keep others alert and cautious.

"I ended up being trafficked as a young child from ages 6 to 12 in South Texas,” said Storm, “I felt absolutely desperate, and desperation led to vulnerabilities."

A series of events that ended up changing her life.

"It led to really bad decisions as a teenager, drug addiction, drug abuse, being in my own abusive relationship.” Storm said.

County Court at Law Judge Crystal Chandler said San Antonio is a town at risk more than most.

"Because of that connection with the Highway System they keep their victims mobile and you see it more in metropolitan cities." Chandler said.

And Storm says there's only one clear answer.

"If we can change the way people see each other and they're no longer seen as a product and seen as a human with a purpose then there will be culture change." Storm said.

That can all start with a conversation.

"We do need to start having this conversation when our children are very young, it’s a difficult conversation to have with our children but it has to be a conversation that we have." Chandler said.

Storm has resources at under the “Get Equipped” tab, where you can find ways to get into this conversation with your loved ones.

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